joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart


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"Listened (OLH disc#1).... Enjoyed!"  

  David Browne--contributing writer ROLLING STONE; author FIRE & RAIN


5 Star rated,  GUNPOWDER TEA---Roots Music Report 


"joe Linus is a classic storyteller with a great voice!

  His songs carry an emotional resonance!"



"I listened to joe Linus with great anticipation.  This guy is an artist!  I enjoyed him very much,  I enjoyed his 'quirkiness'.... he is not encumbered with playing by rules or following formulas.   I was conscious of just letting it happen to me, not taking on my usual professional analytic role.  I enjoyed him very much."




Chris Felver--SF  Documentary Film maker,  Author of BEAT,  Allen Ginsberg biography.


"Marvelously simple... So much wonderfulness, wow!"  

Lori B--singer/songwriter,  head duchess at PARADOX ARTS  SAN FRANCISCO CA.



  Here's an interesting note for millennial and other visitors to this site from the artist. This is a very strange time in history and culture for artists and composers like myself because we are now called upon to conform our homepages and websites with ever-changing rules and requirements imposed by imperfectly designed and culturally biased search engine optimization robots. These robots are used by business entities that control the digital  platforms  and networks upon which the artist's original works are displayed and offered to website visitors. It is interesting to note that this site, which contains much of my work as an artist in the form of  songs and musical recordings, lyric sheets and pdfs, newsletter blogs and so on, has been deemed to be lacking in "original content and therefore of no value." When i inquired as to the matter, drawing reference to the fact that in reality my site only contained original content and that it contained 32 pages of original content which was enough for a visitor to sepend at least two hours digesting should such visitor  be inclined to do so, i was met with the stunned silence that ignorance is often accompanied by.  "Original Content" as this term is being used by the creators of the robotic search engine which provides such useful assessments, does not refer to original content at all--- In fact, as used by the robot, the robot is only looking at the ratio of Text to the ratio of HTML code on any given page.  Not original content at all from the point of view of the artist, nor the audience.  So i am now informed by Semrush who has analyzed the site herein and made the following recommendation to make sure i include at least two hundred words of meaningful  text upon each page to satisfy the algorithm of the search engine-- Now is that ridiculous? I ask you-- suppose you are, as this artist is, a minimalist and wordsmith who chooses his words carefully for their meaning-- and for their visual clarity, within the context of his original content-- So you see, this paragraph of nonsense is actually very satisfying to the search engine robot, who will report to the business entity that the site has original content and is of value to the visitors, at least so far as the search engine robot is concerned. Are we happy now? Let's then get ice cream for the robot.