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Greetings Worthy One!

I won’t  drag you into the myriad of technical engineering challenges facing an indie record production. Suffice to say that I am moving forward toward completion of this album of new songs, day by day/night by night, and expect to have this project  in the can for its initial release well within the 2 year timeframe I originally conceived.  That means  sometime before February 23rd, 2016. This date bears an ancient significance for me derived from my readings of Hesiod, the old Greek farmer who noted the movements of Arcturus in  the celestial skies to advise  his neighbors  as to optimum planting and harvest times.  I began with the selection of songs  on February 23rd, 2014.

The new album explores  themes of  spiritual quest, political intrigue, desire, passion and betrayal,  the fate of the  refugee,  heartbreak and loss, depression with its suicidal allure, the virtues of solitude, randomness and chance, and throughout,  attempts to map the journey of the natural soul both lost and found, within an interesting musical groove.

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In complement with the musical content of this album, I have resurrected my previous life as an exhibiting artist to  create numerous limited edition series of  original art cards as an integral component of the physical package. These limited editions consist of eleven original works on  acid-free cold press paper, unique to each package, with lyrics to each song as inserts. These editions, signed and numbered, individually produced with unique original art content, are relatively few in number and subject to availability as their pricing will reflect.  Presently there are only ten extant, yet one may currently be reserved with a GoFundMe contribution of Three Hundred Dollars US. These cards serve to greatly enhance listeners’ enjoyment in the home environment. Available as long as I continue to  create them, this package is the artist-preferred presentation of the work.  These are keepers.

Given the unique nature of this project,  general distribution and release of the recording will at first occur in exhibition settings with larger works of the same series on display. Download cards of the musical content only, as well as a more economical limited edition of the package containing prints of selected originals will be available to the general public attending  these exhibition/shows on a first-come basis. Efforts are also underway to secure appropriate venues near the homes of contributors across the world. The recording itself  will not be available online, except for holders of a download card code during this time.  Contributors to theGoFundMe campaign at the entry level of twenty dollars US and above  reserve an album download card, but only if their contribution is made by December 31st 2015.

Good news for the early contributors! Through your support we have secured great progress. An added perk arises for each of you in the form of an additional reserved complimentary album download card. I know who you are and I saw what you did! Much gratitude for your support.

“Sustainable” has been a by-word for this production,  continuing to be productive through times of no-budget requires a curious mixture of   blind faith, tenacity, and know-how. I am grateful to my associates at 4th Street Republic for the access provided in achieving these results so far. Still shy of our  fund raising goal by about $2500, new contributions will be used to offset the necessary expenses of final mix and delivering the project on time. GoFundMe

Thanksgiving arrives, and with it my Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Concert. The original owners of the local venue which  generously sponsored this community event have long gone, and their social spirit cannot easily be replaced or forgotten.  But times change. So this year the Fourth Annual has decided to go underground! Respond to this email for pertinent  details.

Wishing you all the best in the days ahead!

Sincerely, joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart/ Song Without End/ in_crowd newsletter  December 2015