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Dearest worthy one:

So glad you've come around to my way of thinking. I've always felt that my way of thinking ought be aloud, still some have routinely indicated their strong preference for  my  eternal silence. As a World War Two baby, i had come late in the game, long after the boom went bust, but still young enough to tag along and be ignored.  I do get the joke, but really it was never that damned funny.

I have a voracious sense of humour/wit which i tend to daily. Not many know that i got my start back entertaining classmates as a stand-up comic on Friday afternoons in grammar school. This thanks to Sisters of the Immaculate Heart who called me in to CYA whilst they conferred on WTF to do about these rambunctious monkeys they'd assembled in the name of the Lord. I was paid in holy cards and candy. Not a bad haul for a twelve year old kid just starting out at the CYO.

Now here it is once again Friday afternoon. And once again i am  hiding out at Starbucks. Yes, I do see the connection-- the irony is not lost on me, although i am sort of sitting down on this seat which was obviously designed by someone who did not want me to rest too comfortably here, either. That won't happen, i can ass-ure you!

In my relentless pursuit of knowledge, I  watched a recording tutorial on Youtube and the chap was urging would-be engineers to mix  their client's albums at Starbucks using laptops with headphones. "It doesn't have to be perfect!" he said, "Just do it!" Love that kind of enthusiasm! Fact is though, it's not  really possible, unless your audience is going to listen at Starbucks -- in which case they will be competing with the same sounds and cacophony that accompany a commercial venture built around constant consumption of caffeine. For instance, a lovely lady perched next to me, conversing in Chinese on her cell phone, and totally scrambled my brains in about thirty seconds. Then her friend arrived and they chatted things up as my tracks were trampled into undecipherable noodle soup. So much for concentration. It would have been no easier in any other language, but the Chinese did provide an exotic flavor to my woe and showed me just how far i'd have to go to find the silence of the lamb that mixing doth require one to serve.

So hear, i'll write a Starry-eyed-bucks blog for you instead. Onward and upward entering into the new world.  Filled with all the subtleties of spelling and nuance of paragraph and sentence. You may notice i've now scattered some textual things throughout this website with a devil-may-care air? That's because i've retained highly-compensated technical advisors, MBA's and marketing engineers intimately familiar with the online habits and like-mindedness of the millennial masses. I am well-informed that the search robots who serve the needs of our 21st century folks are blissfully optimized to discover textual matter and thus raise even the most inane textual content to the top of the value heap, whilst dropping audio and visual files to the bottom and/or completely off the radar in search, assigning no value whatsoever to a website that offers only poetry/ song/ music video/ photos/drawings etc, no matter how voluminous and worthy such works may be to a human being of culture and breeding, namely my dear worthy ones.  So yes, you can expect to see  more of this Rambling Maddow madness sprinkled onto these otherwise minimalist artist pages of  old-school "original content". The good news is there's no need to mute. You may, with my blessing, ignore this and focus on the work as i do. If you post a comment please make sure it reflects your own  state of grace and worthiness. Until next time, which is  now regularly scheduled to encourage consistency... Peaceout OLH



absolutely worthy!

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