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stone tools 8/23/18

Greetings, Worthy One!

Something told me it’s a bad idea, but the promoter came across very confident. I would be cloned, and the clones would then support me as backing vocalists under my direction and creative control. They could also serve as my  much-needed studio assistants, working as interns at low or no pay.

 It seemed a simple enough process, and the lab we’d chosen boasted a decade of trouble-free genetic engineering. All the major labels were doing it.If I wanted to keep my competitive edge in the DIY indie music scene, cloning was the thing. What could go wrong? She said.

 I signed the non-disclosure agreement and provided my best musical DNA. The first two blokes came out without a hitch, looked and sounded identical to yours truly. However, they were not as easy to direct and control as I had been led to believe. The third clone result was a technical disappointment and had to be put down after singing off-key and making some inappropriate comments to the staff. The lab ultimately admitted to their contamination of my sample, and a price adjustment was settled upon out- of-court. Every effort has been made to erase the deviant tracks from this production by my assistants.

Working with clones is difficult at times and  requires some adjustment. Although identical to myself, the clones lack the life experience I bring to my projects. Clone#001 is inquisitive and good-natured and seems to embrace what I am striving to achieve, whereas #002 is more of  a follower of #001.

Consequently, I find myself sometimes distracted with managing a hierarchy of clones instead of dealing directly and independently with each, as I’d assumed would be the case.  #001 takes the initiative and is already pushing me to produce more clones for task assignment, citing the full-time commitment he has made and the overtime hours he puts in without a break as my intern.  I remind him of the fate of  #003 and the rare privilege he’s been given to provide music to the ears of an appreciative audience.

However, I now begin to think that cloning is a dynamic process and the ontological aspect is over-emphasized. Talking to one’s clone is not at all like talking to one’s self, or, as is sometimes said, thinking aloud. #001 is not yet capable of making these distinctions. To him, thinking aloud  simply means thinking allowed

Being a clone, he really hasn’t had that much to think about. Nor can he process the loneliness of  an original being, the existential abyss that we originals grapple with as poets, composers and artists. Perhaps someday, I will bring them out for a mountain holiday or picnic at the beach, but for now I must focus on the work I do and not concern myself with the shallowness of clones.


Joe Linus
One-Legged Heart
August 23rd, 2018
Song without end…


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