joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart


song 10/4/18

Last night I dreamt, I had a dream the Congress of the USA convened a raucous session to address the nation’s increasingly intense obsession with song.  Senators and representatives from every village and hamlet, from coast to coast, across the country had become embroiled in this heated musical debate. Fisticuffs, verbal threats and abusive gestures were now the norm as politicians sought to take the high ground on song at any cost. Extremists  both from left and right declared a song required beats and harmonies and mocked the pleas of moderates among them for lyric narrative within restraints of counterpoint. A poet offered testimony, bearing witness to belief of some that song itself bore kinship to that ancient art as well as that which we call “rap” today. Still others testified the nature of the song is to be sung and only if it’s whistled can it’s worth be truly judged. An old man from Vermont had asked to place in evidence a song by Mr Dylan: Don’t think twice, it’s alright. It was so ordered without objection, though they cut the fellow off when he began to read the verse into the record, and again the mockery resumed.  I was there myself to bear witness, not sure if I had volunteered or had been summoned by the court. Of course, I knew my reputation could be trashed no matter what the song I sang. And so I braced myself as I embraced this truth and sang the song unto myself. Just then I awakened to a dark and stormy night, heavy with rain, and the unnamable song of howling coyotes.

Peace, Sincerely,  One-Legged Heart 10/4/18         Song Without End


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